ALPHA-G was developed by Dr. Linda M. Li, a DC, DACBN and CCN, to help support the overall health of her patients, friends, family and herself.  While she found wonderful health benefits from other polysaccharidepeptide products, consistent quality control was difficult to maintain.  By formulating ALPHA-G, she is now able to better maintain the high level of quality she demands.

ALPHA-G is formulated from specially selected grains of organic whole brown and organic white rice and guar gum.  It is free of added dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar, chemicals, fillers, binders, artificial colors, artificial flavors, additives and preservatives.  The hydrolyzed rice goes through several additional proprietary processes developed by Dr. Li that may help make the naturally occurring Alpha-Glycan PolySaccharidePeptides from the rice more bio-available.  Guar gum is a natural fiber used to help the mixing in water and smooth the texture of the ALPHA-G.

Alpha-Glycans may be able to:

  • Penetrate a cell’s membrane without causing any burden
  • Promote mitochondrial RNA and may support mitochondrial functioning
  • Provide building blocks to aid in cellular repair and regeneration via mRNA
  • Cross the Blood Brain Barrier

Alpha-Glycan PolySaccharidePeptides from rice may help support:

  • Digestion, absorption and metabolism of nutrients
  • Muscle strength and brain function
  • The immune system
  • Cellular regeneration and detoxification
  • The DNA, RNA and mitochondria
  • An overall sense of well being

Dr. David Schwietert, a DC and DABCI, believes that the Alpha-Glycan PolySaccharidePeptides in ALPHA-G, are  “One of the fundamental essential nutrients upon which everything is built.”  He further states: “ The clinical results I am finding are astounding!”

Dr. Li has practiced for more than 32 years in Chiropractic medicine and utilizes cutting-edge therapies.  She is passionate about holistic health and hopes that many others will experience similar, positive health benefits with ALPHA-G.

NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease.


6 responses to “Alpha-G

  1. Why don’t you have some solid serious evidence/info about Alpha-G?

  2. How can I get some I have a 4yr old dying in NY

  3. Is it good against leukemia, jak 2

  4. Hi Li, please tell me how I can purchase Alpha G from you? My vet recommend it for my dog but I want to take it too. Please let me know, thank yoyu!

    • We have several health practitioners and vets selling the Alpha G. Where do you live? How did you hear about the product? Have you used it for yourself or for your dog yet?

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